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Watch The Michael J. Fox Show Online. Whether you call him Marty McFly or Alex P Keaton or You Know, the One From “Spin City,” the truth is that his name is Michael J Fox and that he is returning to episodic television tonight. The actor, as you may remember, cut back on his work following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. This new series features Fox playing a man named Mike who is returning to TV after taking a break following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Mike is actually a news guy not a funny man, but there are certainly crossovers here between reality and fiction. The new series starts with back-to-back episodes tonight. Mike tries to deal with an attractive yet noisy upstairs neighbor, who develops a crush on him. Meanwhile, Ian tries to court Eve’s new friend at school, and Leigh enjoys being mistaken for a single mom and decides to take advantage of it.  –

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