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Watch Sinbad Online. In the city of Basra, Sinbad is in a fighting ring with a young man who turns out to be the son of Lord Akbari. When the fight results in the son’s death, both Sinbad and his brother Jamil are captured by Akbari, who orders the death of Jamil in revenge, though Akbari admits that his blood debt would not be satisfied even if he also killed Sinbad. After Sinbad escapes, his grandmother curses him with an amulet, which will exile him at sea; if he is to spend more than one day and night on land, he will die. He stows away onboard a vessel, the Providence, but during the night the ship is terrorised by sea demons, and a storm kills all but a handful of the crew and passengers, who include the imposing northman Gunnar, thief and fellow stowaway Rina, wealthy African beauty Nala, ship’s doctor Anwar, and the Cook.

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Season 1

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